This unique area boasts ponds, fields, wooded areas and the infamous “humps and bumps”. There is a diversity of cover ranging from fields of native grasses to sage brush and wild rose thickets. The “humps and bumps” are a geological remnant of massive volcanic activity from a bygone era. It is an area of mounds roughly four to five feet in height which range in area from 20 to 60 feet across.

From I-90 Westbound (From Spokane)

Take the Medical Lake Exit #272 (WA 902). Turn Right onto Hwy 902 heading to Medical Lake. Follow Hwy 902 from I-90 6.3 Miles through Medical Lake. Note: At approximately 6 miles, Hwy 902 turns left in Medical Lake, but you will continue driving straight…road becomes Brooks. Continue by following the general directions.

From I-90 Eastbound (From Seattle)

Take the Cheney/Medical Lake Exit #264 (WA Hwy. 902). Turn Left onto Hwy 902, heading to Medical Lake 6.8 Miles to Stop Sign. Turn Left at Stop Sign (3 way stop) onto Brooks.

General Directions

Turn Left on San Salvadore – Note: There is a sign to “Westlake” at the turn. Drive 2.2 Miles. Turn Left on Chase Road and drive .9 Miles. Note: As you approach this left turn, Espanola Hwy curves to the right, so the so-called left turn, actually puts you driving straight…but it is a left turn onto Chase. Just after you get on Chase, it turns into a gravel drive. Follow the curve to the left, which becomes Ladd southbound. Do Not turn right onto Ladd Northbound, which is the only time you see a sign for Ladd. Drive .6 miles. This will put you at the Ladd/Lehn intersection, which is the north boundary of the Espanola leased land. Continuing on Ladd, there are 3 gates accessing the property. At this time the specific sites for the WC/WCX have not been determined, but will be announced after that decision is made. Appropriate signage will be provided.

Gate 3 is .2 miles from Lehn; Gate 4 is .6 miles from Lehn; Gate 5 is .7 miles from Lehn. Note: Although the roads are kept in relatively great condition, these are not city roads, so expect a slow, bumpy drive if you drive through the gates. If you are concerned about bumps and driving over rocks or though a couple of mud holes, leave your car at the gate and walk. The ponds aren’t that far away.



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